Handblock Print Journal

A genuine work of art that’s been perfected over generations, our block print journals are wrought in India’s rich heritage of fabric printing and papermaking. All journal covers are painstakingly made and with love–from sketching of the motifs, carving of intricate patterns onto the blocks that will be used for printing, up to pressing them on choice fabrics–and every step calls for mastery that can only be achieved through a lifetime of dedicated practice and unwavering patience.

Ghoda Journal

An excellent choice for those who prefer classic and understated design that only gets better with age. “Ghoda” in Hindi means “horse” and this journal is made unique with buffalo leather especially used for saddle-making called “Crazy Horse.” Every Ghoda Journal is filled with our acid-free, cotton rag Indian paper to effortlessly preserve your memories and ideas, and is secured with durable hand-stitched binding.