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General Inquiries

Handmade deckle edge cotton rag paper takes center stage, but we have more! Letterpress stationery (greeting cards, custom note cards), wedding-worthy items (vow booklets, silk ribbons), and hand-block journals are also available.

We don’t design invitations. We specialize in providing handmade cotton rag paper and offering digital & letterpress printing on it. So no fancy layouts, wax seals, drawing, or calligraphy services from us. But don’t worry, we’ve got some amazing designers tagged and mentioned on our social media platform who can help with all that.

Absolutely! If your creative spirit is brimming with ideas, reach out! We’d love to hear your vision and co-create something truly extraordinary.

Handmade Paper

We believe in celebrating the artistry of papermakers, so we source the most exceptional artisanal cotton rag papers instead of making our own. We trace the origins of our handmade papers to the western region of India, home to tight-knit families that celebrate the thriving art of papermaking.

Cotton rag paper is high-quality paper made from recycled cotton scraps from textile mills. Unlike regular paper made from wood pulp, cotton rag paper boasts:

  • Exceptional strength and durability: Its long cotton fibers make it tear-resistant, less likely to tear or warp than other types of paper, making it ideal for heavy washes and layering. It lasts for centuries, ideal for archival documents and fine art.
  • Superior absorption: It soaks up ink/ paint beautifully, preventing feathering and bleeding, making it a favorite for artists.
  • Acid-free: Naturally lignin-free, it resists yellowing and brittleness, preserving its beauty over time.
  • Luxurious feel: Our handmade paper has natural deckled edges and a slightly rough surface that adds depth and character to any artwork.

While pricier than regular paper, cotton rag paper’s longevity and quality make it a worthwhile investment for special projects or preserving precious memories.

Due to the artisanal nature of the papermaking process, each piece may exhibit subtle variations that are part of the charm of handcrafted goods. Although exact dye measurements have been used, color variation occurs due to the weather and the groundwater’s alkaline content, which is beyond control. Variations in size and weight are due to the pulp’s consistency and the pressing techniques.

Unfortunately, custom options like size and color aren’t available for our handmade paper. We import these beauties, and their artisanal nature means creating specific versions takes time we can’t spare. Hope you understand!

Yes! Our paper is specially treated (vegan-sized) to prevent ink from feathering. For extra thin inks, Gum Arabic is your friend. If nib snags, try a light spray sealant before you start.

Absolutely! Handmade cotton rag paper is an excellent choice for painting, especially for watercolor and other mediums like gouache, acrylic, and mixed media.


Yes! Our papers are inkjet printer compatible. While our handmade paper can handle inkjet printing, it’s not your usual paper pal. Due to its unique edges and thickness, you might need a bit of extra care and some printing tricks. Ink bleeds and smudges are part of the charm, so grab some spares or test a few sheets first! We at Haath Paper are pros at handling these little quirks, so if you’re looking for small print runs on our handmade paper, just let us know and we’ll handle the printing magic for you.

We offer specialty papers like Old Mill Fedrigoni, and Wild paper. Pairs perfectly with our handmade papers for those seeking a budget-friendly option or a playful mix-and-match vibe.

Check out our digital print pricing on this link, and fill out the Google form to receive a formal quote. We’ll touch base soon through your email.

Due to the variety of factors involved, we don’t offer standard letterpress pricing. Letterpress is a bit of an investment since it’s handmade and takes a lot of work. Think Php 10,000-15,000 for a set of 50 sheets — 1 design plate, 1 color.

We can make your designs embossed (pop/raised image) or go for an impression with ink or blind pass (pressed-in) look. To get a custom quote, just shoot us an email at with these details:

  • Your artwork and size of letterpress print area
  • Quantity (gotta be at least 50!)
  • handmade paper or white cardstock?
  • Paper size (3.25″ x 4.75″, 4.25″ x 6″, 5″ x 7″, A5 (white only) for handmade paper sizes!)
  • State if Full Letterpress or mix of Letterpress + Digital Print
  • Your preferred printway? Embossed, inked impression, or blind pass?
  • If inked impression, what color ink do you have in mind? (Give us the uncoated Pantone code or send a color swatch.)

It takes about 25-30 business days (Mon-Fri) to get your prints, so keep that in mind! We don’t work weekends, holidays, or during breaks.

It’s the craftsmanship and specialized process that makes letterpress pricier than modern methods.

  • High Cost, High Craft

Letterpress printing isn’t just a printing technique; it’s a centuries-old art form. Like any fine craft, it demands specialized skills and meticulous attention to detail. Each design and color in a letterpress project necessitates an individual printing plate and press setup, consequently driving up costs with increasing complexity.

  • Paper with Pedigree

But it’s not just about the machinery. Letterpress printing calls for the finest papers, often handmade with thick, luxurious cotton rag fibers. These papers can withstand the immense pressure of the press, creating those gorgeous deep impressions that are the hallmark of letterpress printing.

  • Limited Editions, Lasting Legacy

Of course, all these specialized skills, equipment, and high-quality materials come at a price. But for those who appreciate the unique beauty and tactile experience of letterpress printing, the cost is a worthy investment. Each piece is a handcrafted work of art, a touch of old-world elegance in a digital age.

We can only run a print proof on a digital print order with a corresponding fee.

We are a small team so printing and packing takes a bit of time, please plan accordingly. Digital orders take 3-15 business days, while letterpress is 25-30 business days. No rush jobs, weekends off, and breaks are our sacred time, so please be patient!

Ordering & Shipping

We offer sample packs in our shop.

There’s no minimum order for digital printing. Letterpress requires a minimum of 50 sheets for a single plate design. To get beautiful handmade envelopes with liners, you’ll need to order a minimum of 3 and 20 for standard envelopes with liners.

Sorry, but no at the moment! We’re a close-knit team handling both family and business matters, so while we’d love to accommodate urgent requests, our current capacity limits us to standard turnaround times.

We prioritize quality control, so cancellations, returns, and exchanges aren’t possible after checkout or delivery. Please review our descriptions carefully before placing your order.

Yes, we ship internationally via DHL Express! Send your order by email at to get a custom quote.

Still have questions? Get in touch! We're always happy to chat.