Deckle Edge Paper Meets Digital Printing

A special kind of paper calls for extraordinary care, especially when you’re printing. Alas, printing on handmade paper using a digital printer comes with its own set of challenges. You see, the features that make this paper beautiful and unique are also what makes printing on it particularly tricky — the deckled edges, the uneven yet velvety texture, and the frailty of the fibers against the bleeding of the ink. But if we’re being honest, these qualities are all part of cotton rag paper’s inherent charm, and cracking the code to how it harmonizes with a digital printer is an adventure in its own right. 

And on an adventure we went. We performed a series of trials and errors to learn the best techniques of printing on handmade paper using a digital printer. We have to admit it got messy at times but our journey wasn’t for naught. We learned to perform “paper surgery” to remove ink bleeds and smudges on paper, and that it’s better to feed the printer with one sheet at a time. We also developed a system for quality control to ensure that every print is flawless and as stunning as how you imagined it.

We also know that we’re not alone in our curiosity, and we’re thrilled for our clients who want to experiment on their own. With that said, we at Haath Paper are prepared to extend our digital printing services should you wish to use our handmade papers for your events or styling kits. We spent countless hours perfecting the process so we can give you premium-quality prints and the peace of mind that your orders will come out perfectly.

We’d be happy to answer your questions about digital printing on handmade paper, so send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Talk to you soon!